Position Eolnet's webcams in Lipari

Aeolian Webcams

LIPARIMeteo Station on Sottomonastero Click on the image to go to the webcams      STROMBOLI Webcam1: Punta Labronza 400m slm (INGV Catania) – GMT Webcam2 (infrarosso): Punta Labronza 400m slm (INGV Catania) – GMT VULCANO ... Continue Reading →

Live weather data in Lipari, Aeolian and Milazzo

Weather conditions live from Lipari and Milazzo (wind, rain, temperature) Meteo station of Eolnet in Sottomonastero Lipari (data in real time) Sottomonastero – Lipari  – - ... Continue Reading →

Live weather data in Lipari, Aeolian and Milazzo

Weather conditions live from Lipari and Milazzo (wind, rain, temperature) - ... Continue Reading →

The volcanoes

The volcanic activity of the Aeolian Islands   On the other islands are found only modest  activities fumarolic  and esalative, while the seismic activity that characterizes them is much lower than the most active volcanic areas.  The last eruption of Lipari dates back to 580 BC, while a volcano is the most recent eruption occurred in 1888-1890. […] ... Continue Reading →

Alicudi Photo gallery

Alicudi Photo gallery ... Continue Reading →
Mappa Isole Eolie

Map of the Eolian Islands

Questa opzione non funziona correttamente. Sfortunatamente, il tuo browser non supporta gli Inline Frame Seven are the Aeolian Islands, located to the north of Sicily in the province of Messina. All of volcanic origin, with a currently active volcano (Stromboli) and two others with a record of historical eruptions (Vulcano and Lipari) and one in […] ... Continue Reading →


AGENCY receptive – GUIDE – INTERPRETER  Elisabeth Curie – touristic guide  TOUR IN PULLMAN   Ursobus – Tour in Pullman in Aeolian  SEA EXCURSIONS Merenda Navigazione: day trips to nearby islands Navigazione Costiera:   day trips to nearby islands Sailing cruises weekly or weekend in gulet Sailing ship Sigismund MOTORS HIRE, CAR, BIKE Motors Hire – Lipari porto – Da Marcello […] ... Continue Reading →

The Archaeological Museum in Lipari

SECTION IIt is located in the ancient palace of the bishops, next to the Cathedral, built in the seventeenth century. Materials of the excavations of the Acropolis of LipariROOM I – On display are the materials of the two older stages of the Neolithic Eoliano.ROOM II – Materials of the third and fourth phase of the […] ... Continue Reading →
Maschera Museo di Lipari

General information on the Aeolian Islands

HISTORY History The Aeolian islands were populated at the beginning of the fourth millennium BC from people coming from Sicily, pushed from the immense economic resource offering from obsidian erupted from the volcano of Mount Pelato. The obsidian, a volcanic glass cutting black, was sought when they had spread the metalworking and formed the basis […] ... Continue Reading →

Festivals events Aeolian

 Events, festivals, religious Aeolian Islands   FESTIVALS, RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL EVENTS EVENTS OF THE ISLAND OF LIPARI PERIOD EVENT DESCRIPTION 13 FEBBRAIO S. BARTOLO DEI PESCATORI Particolarità di questo avvenimento è l’asta dello stendardo che viene portato in processione; la mattina vi è infatti un’asta pubblica tra le famiglie dei pescatori che le vede contendersi […] ... Continue Reading →