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The history of the Aeolian Islands

An ancient historyFrom the book “The Aeolian islands” published by the Tourist office – LipariThe history of the Aeolian islands is basically identical to that of the island of Lipari. The first human settlers came there from Sicily in the Middle Neolithic period (from the fourth millenim BC), in small rudimentary boats. They were farmers […] ... Continue Reading →

The fauna of the Aeolian Islands

The formation of the main volcanic Aeolian arch took place during the last 500,000 years (second the last  datings made by volcanologists) and, unlike many Mediterranean islands, total autonomy in relation to land nearby, with which the archipelago seems not be ever came into contact area. The populations of plants and animals that are hosted in    […] ... Continue Reading →

The Archaeological Museum in Lipari

SECTION IIt is located in the ancient palace of the bishops, next to the Cathedral, built in the seventeenth century. Materials of the excavations of the Acropolis of LipariROOM I – On display are the materials of the two older stages of the Neolithic Eoliano.ROOM II – Materials of the third and fourth phase of the […] ... Continue Reading →

Festivals events Aeolian

 Events, festivals, religious Aeolian Islands   FESTIVALS, RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL EVENTS EVENTS OF THE ISLAND OF LIPARI PERIOD EVENT DESCRIPTION 13 FEBBRAIO S. BARTOLO DEI PESCATORI Particolarità di questo avvenimento è l’asta dello stendardo che viene portato in processione; la mattina vi è infatti un’asta pubblica tra le famiglie dei pescatori che le vede contendersi […] ... Continue Reading →

Aeolus and the islands of the winds

Aeolus and the islands of the winds The name derives Eolo the greek “Aiolos” meaning fast. One story of Aeolus, a greek prince who ruled a colony on the Aeolian Islands. Because he is a man of understanding, achieved a certain fame because he could predict the weather by the shape of the clouds of […] ... Continue Reading →

The colors of the Aeolian Islands

The colors of the Aeolian Islands In the north-east of Sicily there is a corner of paradise where the mystery of nature is reflected seven times in the waters of a crystal clean sea. One has the impression to admire something that belongs at the beginning of the world, the seven islands of the archipelago […] ... Continue Reading →